MFE Excellence and Hall of Honor Awards

The Excellence Award funds one or more student programs annually at Mathews with an award of up to $500.  Please request a grant application, copy the application posted on the bulletin board at Mathews or submit an idea for a project by emailing The deadline is December 1st. Mathews 360 site lists previously funded projects.

The Mathews Hall of Honor Award will recognize 3 former students, teachers or staff members who have made a significant contribution to Mathews Elementary School, our community, or the world. Please email your nomination or questions to mfe@mathews360com.
Those selected will claim the awards in Spring 2012.

The Mathews School Friends for Excellence (MFE) created an endowment fund in 2005 to support Mathews Elementary School’s students, staff, parents and alumni. As of August 2011, MFE has received tax-deductible donations of $63,000. The interest from this untouched fund finances initiatives for student and teacher programs at Mathews. A new fund supports alumni scholarships.
Anyone is welcome to join the MFE committee meetings at noon on the second Tuesday of the month. If you can’t attend meetings, you can support the MFE by working on special projects, with a donation online at or by dropping off a check at the Mathews office. If you have questions, send email to