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Aiming for 100% Participation for Annual Fund!

We need your help to make sure we have another successful year for the Annual Fund!
We’re nearing the end, but we have quite a ways to go to make our goal of 100% participation and $40,000 in donations.
This year, thanks to your donations, the Annual Fund contributed to the salary of the technology teacher (we wouldn’t have this position at all without you!), the math specialist, and the purchase of 15 iPads to complement the school’s purchase of 10 iPads, creating a class set. We also purchased the iPad cases for the set.

What is the Annual Fund?
Our yearly campaign to pay for needed student resources that AISD is unable to fund.
How is the money spent? 
In the 2013/2014 school year, your donations helped to fund the following:
  • Our Technology teacher’s salary
  • Math specialist
  • Classroom set of iPads
  • AIM Grants
  • Building & Grounds improvements
  • Library support
How much should I give? 
If every family gives $100, we’ll be close to our goal of $40,000. But $100 is not affordable for all of us. Please just give what you can – no amount is too small. We want 100% participation. And, be sure to ask your extended family and friends – it’s tax deductible.
How do I give?
  • You can give online by clicking here. 
  • You can write a check and drop if off at the front office. Please make it to the Mathews PTA (Annual Fund).
  • You can also leave cash at the front office – please make sure it is sealed in an envelope with your name, email, and address so that we can reach you.
  • You can attend the fundraiser next week at L’Estelle Kitchen House & Pouring Room at 88 1/2 Rainey Street from 6-8
What’s the deadline? 
We would like to wrap the Annual Fund by the end of April!
I need a video to watch so I can learn more about the Annual fund.
Well here you go!