Going Green

Mathews is Going Green! Here are three ways you can make a difference…

3rdgrade1_21. Walk or Bike to School

DID YOU KNOW?  Walking to school is an opportunity you should not miss. Only 10% of children nationwide walk to school regularly. Even among those kids living within a mile of their school, only 25% are regular walkers. Physical activity recommendations for children suggest that they need a variety of activities each day-some intense, some less-so, some informal, some structured. Walking or cycling to and from school is an ideal way to get some of that activity at no extra cost to your family or the environment!

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In terms of improving our air quality, October is Austin’s last chance to reduce our ground-level ozone levels in order to avoid restrictions from the Environmental Protection Agency that could hurt future economic growth. Driving less in this month is key to our success!

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  Add walking to the mix! Wednesday, Oct. 7 is International Walk to School Day. Get out there! Sign up for Marathon Kids. Forms are availbale in the office. Walk to school and watch your miles add up to a marathon.

2. Cafeteria Recycling Pilot Program

Our pilot cafeteria recycling program launches this month. If your children pack lunch, please talk to them about the containers they can recycle. We’re looking for empty plastic containers  #1-7 (such as yogurt containers, applesauce containers, drink bottles, plastic lunchable boxes), and empty cans. The empty part is really important for those of us who are going to haul the recycling away!

A big thanks to our volunteers, Carrie Huff, Genny Dalton, Julie Mani, Yvonne Pennock, and Germaine Curry, who pick up the recycling weekly, and to Keep Austin Beautiful for donating our cardboard recycling bins.

If you would like to get involved, contact Germaine Curry.

3. Party Packs for Classroom Parties

Use our easy Party Packs for your next classroom party. Party packs contain Preserve plates, cups, spoons, forks, and  knives (all made out of recycled yogurt containers), plus cloth napkins — all in festive colors. Each Party Pack serves up to 50 people.

When you reserve a Party Pack, we will drop the pack off at your classroom in the morning and pick it up from the classroom in the afternoon. No need to clean — No need to buy disposable products — It’s completely hassle free!  And there’s no waste, because we will reuse these Party Packs again and again.

To reserve a Party Pack, email Germaine Curry, and let me know the number of people you expect to serve.

We’re working hard to lessen our environmental footprint:

  • Reducing paper use in Wednesday folders — now only the oldest sibling’s folder is fully stuffed.
  • New Pilot Recycling Program, to reduce waste from student lunches.
  • Party Packs available to reduce waste for classroom parties.
  • Styrofoam from new computers recycled at Cycled Plastics and boxes reused for Octoberama collection.
  • Look for the Water Monster at Octoberama, and bring your own water bottle to fill and refill.