Building and Grounds Work Day


Fall 2016 Work Day:mathews_1
Saturday, October 29, 9:00am to noon. 

For more information or to volunteer,
Sandy Cartwright (click here to email).

Each fall and spring, volunteers gather at Mathews on a Saturday morning to help with projects that improve and maintain the beauty of our school building and grounds.The swing of a hammer, the stroke of a paintbrush, the turn of a spade − a little effort can do wonders! So please come join in a good cause.

Our PTA is really proud of the work that our volunteers have accomplished in the past few years!

Building and Grounds Chair Sandy Cartwright works closely with our school principal to identify ways to contribute to a beautiful and safe learning environment for our students. This may include facilities, playground equipment, picnic benches, landscape architecture, and garden maintenance. These volunteer efforts with PTA funding accomplish beautification and improvement projects beyond the district’s resources, and help ensure a welcoming school environment for the entire Mathews community.

The grounds are looking great, and we look forward to even more beautiful and substantial improvements to come!

Many thanks to Sandy and his dedicated team of volunteers who have put so much thoughtful consideration into our landscape, and getting the most impact for a modest budget. Thanks also to the Mathews community for your support of this and other PTA projects!