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Fall Building & Grounds Project Day / Saturday, Oct. 24, 9:00am – 12pm

Hi all,

mathews02Just FYI – the Fall Building & Grounds Project Day will take place this Saturday, Oct. 24, from 9:00 to noon.  Mathews family members / parents / kids -please consider joining us to help out.

We would love to have you participate & will be doing the following projects – we need about 30 volunteers:

1) removing trash shrubs (digging out) by Ms. Bua’s class and replacing with landscape shrubs (2 mountain laurels)

2) Playground maintenance – 3 playgrounds (leaf raking, mulch redistribution, leveling, sweeping, re-fluffing the GaGa Pit mulch etc.)

3) Mulch distribution around shrub + plant beds 

4) Removal / replacement of 4 inches of gravelly soil over a 200 sq. ft area and replacement with good quality topsoil.

5) Weeding

6) Trimming

7) Shrub removal in back playground 

tacoslongThere’s always coffee, muffins, donuts, water and access to restrooms.

There’s sometimes breakfast tacos. There’s not really ever any steak & eggs – but we sure wish there were. Please email me if you can volunteer or if you need any further/additional information.

Thanks so much!.


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Introducing “Art to the Heart”!

Introducing the Mathews Elementary “Art To The Heart” award! One student from each grade will be honored monthly.

Ms. Jennifer, the Mathews Art Teacher,  is selecting students who exhibit tenacity and talent in the art room.   The art pieces will be celebrated on the Mathew’s website by the end of each month.

Congratulations to the SEPTEMBER 2015 honorees!

Ana Sofia – Kindergarten


Hannah – 1st Grade


Nash – 2nd Grade


Lauren – 3rd Grade


Lola – 4th Grade


Jessica – 5th Grade


JJ – 6th Grade


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BOX TOPS for Mathews!

box-topsOne of the many ways you can support Mathews is by collecting box tops from a lot of the foods you already buy!

HEB/Central Market is having a box top drive from now until the end of September. If you buy 10 or 15 participating products in one trip, you’ll get an instant certificate at checkout. So get busy buying, eating and cutting!

AND if you are a regular HEB, Central Market or Randall’s shopper – do yourself and Mathews a kindness by signing up for our Gift Card program. You can pay online here or fill out a form in the front office.

Mathews PTA

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Amazon School Rewards

Amazon School Rewards

amazon_logoKicks Back up to 8% to the Mathews PTA!

Shop at and give back
to Mathews at the same time!

Just use our unique Amazon School Rewards link every time you shop:

We earn 4-8% of all purchases made.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can use this link?
A: EVERYONE! Parents, grandparents, friends, even a business can use the program. Feel free to forward this email accordingly. Thank you!

Q: Will Mathews PTA earn school rewards for Amazon Gift Card purchases?
A: YES! Almost all Amazon stores are included in the program, including Gift Card purchases, Books, the Kindle store, Amazon Video on Demand, Electronics, Video Games, Apparel, Computers, Software, DVD, Gourmet Food, Grocery, Toys & Games, and many more.

Q: Does it work in the Kindle Store?
A: Indeed! Kindle e-reader downloads are included as well. Just go to our website first, then click the link.

Q: When I click through the link, will I see anything referring to Mathews?
A: Unfortunately, no. The only indicator is the customized url when you are shopping, but nothing appears on your payment information. Behind the scenes, Amazon will know that you clicked our link, and will give us credit for any items shipped.

Q: Will you see what I ordered from Amazon?
A: No way! We don’t have any visibility into who orders, or what is ordered, all of that is completely confidential. We just get a flat fee back at the end of every month based on the total.

Just make sure to use our link:
Thank you again for your support of the Mathews PTA!