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Help the PTA and Order Your School Supplies Online for 2016-2017!

Order Your School Supplies for Next Year

Dear Mathews community,

We have finalized the school supplies list for 2016-17, and are again able to offer you online purchasing of supplies packs through Educational

How it works: Log on to with our school ID MAT050 and you will find your school supply list available per grade. (Please note that this is online ordering only.)

What you get: Hassle-free school supplies shopping in a click or two from home. The individual packs will be delivered at school right before school starts, during Sneak a Peek in August! 

What Mathews gets: Your purchase price includes a $5 donation to Mathews PTA to help support our school. This program is increasingly successful each year!

A few tips: 

  • Remember to order for the grade your child will be attending next school year. 
  • Online ordering is available until June 26th. No late ordering is available. Mark your calendars!
  • No extra packs will be ordered for sale in the Fall. Order now, or forever hold your peace!
  • If you are interested in donating an extra pack (or packs) in specific grade levels, you may also do so online with your order. (Enter “Donate” as the child’s name.)
  • School supplies will be shipped to the school and will be available for pick up at Sneak-a-Peek in August, the week before school starts.

Feel free to email me at with questions!

Thank you all!

Manue Reynolds – School supplies chair

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Mulch, rehab, clean, restore and more!! This Saturday morning at Mathews.

The PTA Building & Grounds Spring Work day is this Saturday, April 2nd from 9 am- Noon!!

Mathews Elementary est. 1916
Mathews Elementary est. 1916

Please consider coming out and helping out for some/all of the time this Saturday morning on some very important Mathews grounds projects, including:

1) Removing & replacing mulch in Ga-Ga pit to make it safer & more fun for the kids;

2) Cleaning out back blacktop North drain so that there won’t be standing water when it rains;

3) Restoration of mulch safety cover on the South back yard playground;IMG_0348

4) Restoration of gravel safety cover for West Lynn playground

5) Cleaning black top for International festival

6) (if we have the people/can get to it) rehabilitation of North front lawn to improve chances of grass growing

For those volunteers who may be food-motivated, we offer:  coffee, water, donuts, muffins AND Chipotle Wraps (thank you Diana McMillan!!!)

Thanks so much and email Sandy Cartwright directly @ if you can make it.  We request that you bring:

  • Gloves
  • Rake/shovel/hoe/pickaxe (if you have it/them)
  • We also need a pickup truck to haul the dirt in the gaga pit away.  Please let me know ( if you can bring your pickup truck to assist this aspect of Saturday morning’s activities.  Not for the whole 3 hours – just maybe 1.5 hours.

We will also be making stepping stones and painting!  Please help us continue to improve our outdoor learning spaces!  


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Attention, Mathews Alumni! Apply now for the MFE scholarship!

The Mathews Friends for Excellence (MFE) committee is dedicated to continuing the tradition of excellence at Mathews Elementary. They are now accepting scholarship applications for 2016 High School Seniors !!

Mathews School Bus Mural. One of many murals around the school.
Mathews School Bus Mural. One of many murals around the school.

In order to be considered as a candidate for 2016, please complete the application form below and submit all required documents, postmarked no later than March 31st.

Download MFE Scholarship form – Word Doc

Good luck, y’all!

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Octoberama needs: Got Junk? In a band? Lend a Hand?

Got Junk?

Art! Fun!
Make! Have Fun!

If you have old electronics, small appliances, or gadgets that you’ve been meaning to recycle or throw out…we will take it off your hands! We are seeking electronics for our De(con)struction Tables at Octoberama. The Deconstruction table is a place where kids disassemble mechanical or electronic things to see how some parts work, or put parts together in new ways with extra materials we provide.

Ideal items are – things that can be disassembled with simple hand tools, have LEDs, motors, gears that can be powered with a 9V battery. Examples of items you can include: hard drives, case/ cpu fans, remote controls, phones, and relays.

Things we can’t accept and/or dangerouse.g. nothing that can break, sharp (glass), or is toxic (mercury thermostats).

If you have gadgets to donate, please leave them in the office in the Booth Donations bag (please do not leave them in the toy prize bin). We will be collecting items through October 13th at 3pm.


The Wardens.
The Wardens.

Seeking Musicians & Production Assistant

If you want to show off your musical skills on the Octoberama stage, lend a hand behind the scenes, or simply want to recommend a local favorite, please contact Jason Pinchback (




Sign-Up Genius is up and running! Please consider donating some of your time to assist with pre-festival tasks (prize organization, decorating gift baskets, set-up activities) or day-of opportunities (class booth, ticket booth, Deconstruction Tables, stage/production assistant).

Open time slots are available on sign-up genius.