Great Gatherings

Mathews Great Gatherings are events, parties, lessons or unique experiences donated and hosted by members of the Mathews community! They are open to parents, students, teachers, staff and in some cases, the whole community.  They are wonderful opportunities that act as both a fundraiser and community builder. Gatherings bring our community members together throughout the school year in smaller, casual settings.

Thinking of hosting a gathering?

Hosting a Gathering means you (and maybe some friends?) are hosting an open event for members of the Mathews community. You come up with the concept, the date, the location, the cost and a display for the silent auction at Octoberama to help “sell” your gathering.

  • Our online forms make hosting a new gathering a snap! You can also enter your ideas into the Great Gatherings folder in the front office.
  • Please keep other school events and holidays in mind when you are picking a date for your event. Check the home page calendar for important upcoming school dates.
  • Events can be held anytime, but dates are “reserved” on a first-come, first served basis. We try our best to spread out events, but there may be more than one event on a given day.
  • Browse Great Gatherings ideas for inspiration below.

During the year we will have the details about each Great Gathering in a binder in the front office with the sign-up sheet and an envelope for dropping off payments.  All of the funds go directly to Mathews PTA!  You may also sign up for a Great Gathering by emailing Jarod Neece –

Great Gatherings Ideas

Go, Dog, Go! To a Dog Party! 
Bring your dog to play, scamper, and bark at a spacious, license-free, off-leash dog park. Gourmet coffee, drinks and donuts for the non-canines; baggies, water, and special treats for the dogs.
Hosts: Mathews Family
Cost: $15 for one dog; $20 for two. Adults, children, and dogs welcome. Owners are
free but must register. Minimum: 5, Maximum: 60 dogs.

Learn to Home Brew 
Have you ever wanted to brew your own beer? If so, please join us for our Great Gathering event. We will be brewing using a partial mash kit, and I will have another batch ready to bottle. We will go through all steps from boiling the water to bottling the finished product. The entire process takes roughly three hours, so we will provide some snacks to enjoy while we go through the process. When we are finished we will have about 48 bottles to split among the attendees.
Hosts: Mathews Family
Cost: $30 per person. Adults only. Maximum 8, minimum 2.

Ladies Only Breakfast for Dinner 
Why not? Our kids love it, you will too! An intimate space with fewer people, plenty of parking and, as always, there will be LOTS of food, drink and laughter!
Hosts: Mathews Family
Cost: $25 per person. Ladies only. Maximum 30, minimum 10.

Chinese New Year Party
Come help us celebrate and welcome the year of the Goat. We will have lots of Chinese food and we’ve got your Valentine’s Day covered! Plenty of beer & wine included.
Hosts: Mathews Family
Cost: $30 per person. Adults only. Maximum 12; minimum 6.

Wine and Cheese Social 
Join friends and meet new ones at a casual wine and cheese evening, hosted by parents of K-6th grade students.
Hosts:Mathews Family TBD
Cost: $25 per person. Adults only. Maximum 40 people; minimum 15

Potsticker Party
Learn how to make Grandma’s famous potstickers. Other Asian small plates will also be served along with beer and wine
Hosts: Mathews Family TBD
Cost: $40 per person. Adults only. Maximum 12; minimum 6.

Kindergarten Family Hike at Mount Bonnell
A fun family hike for kindergartners and their families. We will start at the bottom of Mount Bonnell and then hit the trails for a nature scavenger hunt. Will we provide trail mix and snacks, you provide your own water bottle.
Hosts: Mathews Family TBD
Cost: $20 per family. K students with parents only. Maximum 10; no minimum.

Backyard College Kegger 
Join us for a fun and casual backyard kegger. Relax and enjoy outdoor music, locally brewed beer on tap (wine & soft drinks too) and “college style” appetizers. Wear something from your college days – or whatever they wear now!
Hosts: Mathews Family TBD
Cost: $25 per person. Adults only. Maximum 50 people; minimum 15