Life at Mathews

LivingTree is our private communication network for parents/teachers/staff.   As a parent, you’ll see posts (messages, photos, and files) and events from your child(ren)’s teachers and school administrators.  You’ll be able to join the conversation by sharing posts, direct messaging, posting calendar events, and more.  By now you should have received your “Welcome to LivingTree” email which will provide your username and password.  LivingTree and this website work together as the primary means of communication for our school.  If you need technical support with your LivingTree account please email

Teacher & Staff List
Contact info for 2018-2019 staff.

School Cash Online
Are campus is cashless!  Pay online for your classroom fees, Fun Club dues and some enrichment program fees such as Choir through School Cash Online

School Cafe
Pay online for your students’ cafeteria meals.

Student and Parent Handbook
Handbook of school procedures for 2018-2019 (downloadable pdf).

Parking, Drop-offs and Pick-up Guidelines
Procedures to keep kids safe getting to and from school.

Registration and Transfers
Details on how to enroll.

School Supplies
List of school supplies by grade for 2018-2019.

This online calendar of school events is kept up to date.

Mathews Library Online Resources
Access online encyclopedias and academic search engines from anywhere.