50 Great Things About Our School

mathews14From our teachers and staff…

  1. We strive to create a positive learning environment.
  2. We love to learn.
  3. Diversity is our strength.
  4. We have a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff.
  5. Our students encourage and celebrate each other.
  6. We strive to build a family-like environment where everyone is welcome.
  7. Our parents and community are wonderfully involved.
  8. We are always searching for innovative and progressive ideas to implement.
  9. We give hope.
  10. We turn reluctant readers into voracious readers.
  11. We are a safe place for kids.
  12. We believe in our students — we provide encouragement and confidence.
  13. We love leading children to practice new skills and watching them glow with success.
  14. We love seeing our former students enroll in college.
  15. We identify when students need help and provide support.
  16. Our teachers share technology tips and collaborate.
  17. We use positive classroom management techniques — Fun Bucks and Responsive Classroom.
  18. We utilize project-based learning.
  19. We have flexible groups and flexible schedules.
  20. We “Met Standards” for the TEA and are distinguished for Reading and ELA Achievement.mathews_1
  21. We support a Legacy of Giving.
  22. 6th Grade Leaders.
  23. We love the arts and support Theater Action / Courage in Action.
  24. Our Science Fair is amazing.
  25. Our International Festival inspires.
  26. Octoberama brings us together.
  27. Deep Eddy Pool Party kicks off the start of the year.
  28. We embrace Social Emotional Learning.
  29. We use Social Contracts to build community.
  30. We have a strong counseling program.
  31. Our Curriculum Nights showcase learning.
  32. We have beautiful grounds and facilities.
  33. Our PTA Rocks!
  34. Morning Meetings build community.
  35. Learning Celebrations share joy.
  36. Homework Center supports students.
  37. Our support staff are amazing.
  38. We have a casual and comfortable atmosphere for learning.
  39. Small size allows for a close-knit community.mathews_tshirts02
  40. We have amazing office staff.
  41. Our bulletin boards are wonderful and interactive.
  42. Our nursing team is wonderfully caring.
  43. Our annual Art Show turns the school into a gallery.
  44. Our Track and Field Day has an inclusive spirit.
  45. We love being so close to UT.
  46. Our Pre-K and K grow gardens.
  47. We have supportive administration.
  48. Our library is a treasure trove of books.
  49. We have a wonderful after-school program.
  50. We provide enrichment programs and field trips.