MFE Bylaws



This organization shall be known as the Mathews Elementary School Friends for Excellence and is also commonly referred to as Mathews Friends for Excellence (MFE).

The objective of MFE shall be to support Mathews Elementary through maintaining contact with alumni and friends, and supplementing Mathews Elementary funding by providing additional financial support via an endowment. The additional financial support will provide the educators and staff of Mathews Elementary with the tools, support and opportunities necessary to educate the school’s student community.

1. Governance. MFE shall be governed by an Executive Committee, which shall have general

charge of the affairs of MFE.

2. Composition. The Executive Committee shall provide continuity in the organization and administration of MFE. The Executive Committee shall consist of a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, the most recent Past Chair, and up to eight Members-at-Large to serve three-year terms. There shall be the following Standing Committees: Community Relations and Events Committee (two or more members), and the Public Information Committee (two members). There shall be the following Special Committees: Nominating Committee (three members), the Scholarship Committee (at least one MFE Executive Committee member and one Mathews Elementary educator), the Audit Committee (two members), and the Excellence Award Committee (three members).

3. Executive Committee Meetings. The Executive Committee may meet eight times each year and during the meeting provide fundraising suggestions. The Executive Committee shall have the responsibility of organizing up to two annual fundraising events. Any member of the Executive Committee unable to attend a meeting may name a nonvoting alternate to represent him or her, subject to the approval of the Chair. The Chair of MFE, or, in the Chair’s absence, the Past Chair shall preside over the Executive Committee meetings. A majority of the members, including at least two Officers, shall constitute a quorum. Every two years, during the July Executive Committee meeting a new Chair shall be elected by majority vote.

All members voting at Executive Committee meetings must be Executive Committee members.

Whenever it is deemed to be feasible, necessary because of time urgency, and not to the disadvantage of any member of the Executive Committee, the Chair may initiate email deliberations and voting on Executive Committee matters in between meetings. The deadline for deliberations and voting shall be communicated clearly to all Executive Committee members. Discussions on such matters shall be addressed to all members of the Executive Committee. The Secretary shall tabulate the voting. The emails shall constitute a

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record of discussion, and shall be summarized in the Minutes of the subsequent Executive Committee Meeting.

1. Officers. The Officers of MFE are the Chair, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. The

Executive Committee as specified in the Bylaws shall elect them.

2. Duties of the Chair. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the MFE Executive Committee. The Chair shall prepare the agenda and distribute it to the MFE Executive Committee one week prior to the meetings. The Chair shall call for approval of the Minutes from the previous meeting.

3. Duties of the Secretary. The Secretary shall prepare Minutes of the Executive Committee meetings and shall submit these minutes to each Executive Committee member no later than three weeks after each meeting. The Secretary may serve two consecutive terms if approved by the Executive Committee.

4. Duties of the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be responsible for and oversee the financial affairs (i.e., donations) of MFE. The Treasurer shall present a financial report at each meeting of the Executive Committee and shall submit an annual report in July. An appointed Audit Committee shall audit the funds semi-annually. The Treasurer may serve two consecutive terms if approved by the Executive Committee.

The Treasurer shall have responsibility for all funds in the custody of or placed at the disposal of MFE and may authorize disbursement of funds for expenses, as approved by the Executive Committee, consistent with the general policies of AISD. The Treasurer shall be the principal interface with the Mathews Elementary School campus Account Sponsor regarding the Mathews Event Fund, and will disclose all activity from this fund to the Executive Committee. The Chair and the Treasurer shall be the principal MFE Officers who interface with Austin Community Foundation managed funds.


1. Qualifications. Officers of MFE must have served on the Executive Committee for twelve months.

2. Ballot. Every two years, during the July Executive Committee meeting, the Chair, the Secretary, and the Treasurer of the Executive Committee shall be elected by closed ballot.

3. Nomination and Election Schedule. The MFE Chair shall appoint the Nominating Committee Chair every two years within two weeks after the January MFE Executive Committee meeting. The Nominating Committee Chair shall select two additional members and inform the MFE Chair of the composition of this committee. Not later than March 1 the Nominating Committee Chair shall submit to the Executive Committee nominations of at least two candidates for each open position on the Executive Committee that will become vacant. The Executive Committee shall vote by closed ballot for the election of Chair,

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Secretary, and Treasurer. This election date is presently June 1, but it may be changed without further amendment of these Bylaws.

Each member shall cast not more than one vote for each open position. Not later than two weeks after June 1, the MFE Chair shall inform the members of the Executive Committee and all candidates of the results of the election.

4. Official Year. The official year shall coincide with the school year, starting with August of the current year and ending in July of the following year.

5. Chair and Past Chair. The member elected as Chair shall serve in that office for two years, then for two years as Past Chair. The Past Chair shall not be eligible for the office of Chair in the two years following his or her term of office as Past Chair.

6. Terms of Office. The terms of office of the Officers and Members-at-Large of the Executive Committee shall begin at the close of the July meeting following their election. The Secretary and Treasurer shall serve for a term of two years and may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

7. Vacancies of Offices. If a vacancy occurs in the office of Chair the Secretary and/or the Treasurer will complete the term. In the next scheduled election, a candidate for Chair shall be nominated.

If vacancies occur in the offices of the Secretary or the Treasurer a special election shall be held to fill the vacancies. The members so elected shall continue to serve as officers in the normal succession order.

Other elected office vacancies shall be filled by regular election procedures or left unfilled. ARTICLE VI. — STANDING COMMITTEES

The Executive Committee Chair shall appoint the chairs of the standing committees and in consultation with the newly appointed committee chairs, appoint committee members.

Terms of Office of Committee Members. Except as specified above, all committee appointments shall be for two years, and the terms of all appointed committee members shall be considered automatically discharged in July of the second year.

1. Community Relations and Events Committee. This committee shall consist of two or more members serving a two-year term. At least one committee member must be a current MFE Executive Committee member. This committee shall have the responsibility of organizing social events and special projects. The tasks shall include recommending an annual budget for the purpose of planning and executing an annual gathering and any special projects, archiving friend information and memorabilia, and acknowledging and thanking donors. This c shall report directly to the MFE Executive Committee.

2. Public Information Committee. This committee shall consist of two members appointed by the MFE Chair. This committee shall maintain the MFE friends database for

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the purpose of mailing correspondence. The committee is the main means of mass communication publicizing all MFE events via the Mathews newsletter, Mathews 360 website, Facebook, the OWANA neighborhood discussion group, and other community media.


1. Nominating Committee. This committee shall consist of three members. Every two years, within two weeks after the January Executive Committee meeting, the MFE Chair shall appoint a chair of the Nominating Committee. These committee members are subject to approval by the MFE Executive Committee. Each of these members shall serve a six- month term. These members are not required to be MFE Executive Committee members. Each term of the committee members shall be from January to July. The Nominating Committee chair shall report candidate recommendations directly to the MFE Executive Committee. Any MFE Executive Committee member may also make nominations from the floor.

2. Scholarship Committee. This committee shall consist of one MFE Executive Committee member and one Mathews Elementary School educator. Scholarship awards are presented annually to graduating AISD high school students, who attended Mathews for two years, or more. This committee shall oversee the application process, selection, notification and presentation of awards. The MFE Executive Committee based on account funds shall determine the number of annual Scholarship awards. Scholarship award funds are drawn from the Mathews Elementary Alumni Scholarship Fund at Austin Community Foundation and are presented to the designated recipient. The recipient is required to sign a form agreeing to use the scholarship money for their continuing education, beyond high school.

3. Audit Committee. This committee shall be appointed by the MFE Chair and consist of two members. This committee shall audit the funds semi-annually, in January and July. The term of the Audit Committee members is two years.

4. Excellence Award Committee. This committee shall consist of two or more members appointed by the MFE Chair, to staggered two-year terms. This committee shall promote the Excellence Award grants submitted by educators and the community and review award applications for selection. This committee shall initiate disbursement of funds from the annual spendable portion of the Mathews Alumni Designated Scholarship Fund (Mat01) at Austin Community Foundation.


The Austin Community Foundation is the dedicated tax-deductible organization managing and overseeing invested funds raised through the generous support of Mathews Elementary School alumni and local community donors.

These Bylaws shall be considered adopted when approved by a majority of the MFE

Executive Committee members attending the meeting.

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Amendments may be posed by any member of the MFE Executive Committee, or by an ad hoc committee appointed by the Executive Committee, for consideration at an Executive Committee meeting. The text of a proposed amendment shall be furnished to the Secretary in time to send copies to all members of the Executive Committee two weeks prior to the Executive Committee meeting at which the amendment is to be discussed. The amendment shall be adopted and become effective immediately if approved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.


Upon dissolution of the Annual Events and its Executive Committee, the assets remaining after payment of liabilities will be distributed to the Mathews Elementary Event Fund at Mathews Elementary School.

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