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Mathews Skate Party!! Thursday, Nov 17 6pm – 8:30pm

zillaskateThe 100th Birthday Celebrations continue with this kick-off party for our Mazilla Time Capsule! Hokey Pokey, Limbo, Races, Fog Machines & music!

KickStarter Fundraiser Campaign & Happy Salute to all our Mathews Friends and Alumni. Get your peeps to turn out for the Grade/Class Count Competition (no matter what year you graduated)

*Please no outside food or drink. This includes water bottles & drink containers. The $6/per person includes skates. Non skating adults are no charge.

8822 McCann Drive, Austin, TX 78757


Available for Additional Fee

Rollerblades $3.00 : Skatemates $5.00 : Playscape $3.00