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Mulch, rehab, clean, restore and more!! This Saturday morning at Mathews.

The PTA Building & Grounds Spring Work day is this Saturday, April 2nd from 9 am- Noon!!

Mathews Elementary est. 1916
Mathews Elementary est. 1916

Please consider coming out and helping out for some/all of the time this Saturday morning on some very important Mathews grounds projects, including:

1) Removing & replacing mulch in Ga-Ga pit to make it safer & more fun for the kids;

2) Cleaning out back blacktop North drain so that there won’t be standing water when it rains;

3) Restoration of mulch safety cover on the South back yard playground;IMG_0348

4) Restoration of gravel safety cover for West Lynn playground

5) Cleaning black top for International festival

6) (if we have the people/can get to it) rehabilitation of North front lawn to improve chances of grass growing

For those volunteers who may be food-motivated, we offer:  coffee, water, donuts, muffins AND Chipotle Wraps (thank you Diana McMillan!!!)

Thanks so much and email Sandy Cartwright directly @ if you can make it.  We request that you bring:

  • Gloves
  • Rake/shovel/hoe/pickaxe (if you have it/them)
  • We also need a pickup truck to haul the dirt in the gaga pit away.  Please let me know ( if you can bring your pickup truck to assist this aspect of Saturday morning’s activities.  Not for the whole 3 hours – just maybe 1.5 hours.

We will also be making stepping stones and painting!  Please help us continue to improve our outdoor learning spaces!