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Octoberama Chairs Needed! Get involved with Mathews!

Hello Mathews Community,

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer! I know it’s hot — but let’s be thankful we made it all the way to July before we hit 100 degrees!

Well, the new school year is coming soon, so we’re gearing up for the many special activities that make our Mathews community great. Octoberama, our annual fall carnival, is top of the list, and planning is already under way. We have a great team of folks getting ready, but we’re missing just 4 volunteers to round out the team and ensure a successful event.

Silent Auction @ Octoberama
Silent Auction @ Octoberama

Octoberama Volunteers Chair — outreach to help fill volunteer slots, and coordination of volunteer schedules at the event, October 16th.

Octoberama Art Project Co-Chairs (2) — work with students to create art pieces to sell at the event.

Octoberama Games Co-Chair (1) — work with returning Games Co-Chair Dani Willard to prepare materials for game booths, and support booths at the event.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to get to know other parents at the school, while helping support the community activities that make Mathews great!

Let me know if you might be interested in these jobs — or if you have other ideas of how you’d like to be involved. There’s a job for everyone at Mathews!


Renae Alsobrook

PTA Volunteer Coordinator