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Octoberama needs: Got Junk? In a band? Lend a Hand?

Got Junk?

Art! Fun!
Make! Have Fun!

If you have old electronics, small appliances, or gadgets that you’ve been meaning to recycle or throw out…we will take it off your hands! We are seeking electronics for our De(con)struction Tables at Octoberama. The Deconstruction table is a place where kids disassemble mechanical or electronic things to see how some parts work, or put parts together in new ways with extra materials we provide.

Ideal items are – things that can be disassembled with simple hand tools, have LEDs, motors, gears that can be powered with a 9V battery. Examples of items you can include: hard drives, case/ cpu fans, remote controls, phones, and relays.

Things we can’t accept and/or dangerouse.g. nothing that can break, sharp (glass), or is toxic (mercury thermostats).

If you have gadgets to donate, please leave them in the office in the Booth Donations bag (please do not leave them in the toy prize bin). We will be collecting items through October 13th at 3pm.


The Wardens.
The Wardens.

Seeking Musicians & Production Assistant

If you want to show off your musical skills on the Octoberama stage, lend a hand behind the scenes, or simply want to recommend a local favorite, please contact Jason Pinchback (




Sign-Up Genius is up and running! Please consider donating some of your time to assist with pre-festival tasks (prize organization, decorating gift baskets, set-up activities) or day-of opportunities (class booth, ticket booth, Deconstruction Tables, stage/production assistant).

Open time slots are available on sign-up genius.