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Online Registration Open (2019-2020 School Yr)

In our PTA meeting last week, Grace shared a presentation on the state of the district’s budget. One of the biggest ways that Mathews will feel the impact of the budget crunch we’re facing is in our staffing allocation. For the 2019-2020 school year, principals have been told that there will be zero wiggle room when it comes to staffing guidelines. This means that the district is providing staffing allocations for next school year based on a 19:1 student teacher ratio in PreK, a 22:1 student teacher ratio in K-4th grades and a 30:1 student teacher ratio in 5th and 6th grades.  As an example, if the district is projecting that we will have 66 students in a K-4th grade level, we will be allocated only three teachers which leaves us no room for additional students who move into the neighborhood or whose transfers have already been approved. 

Because of this, it is critically important that every family register online for the next school year and complete the AISD Commitment Form. This FLYER outlines how to do this and you can always contact our amazing registrar, Julie Salazar, if you have any questions. The district will review the number of students who are actually registered in early spring and make final decisions on the number of teachers we are allocated then. We want to stress again, how important it is to register.  Thank you!