School Supplies

School supply list for 2019-2020 school year is available HERE.

Preorder your school supplies TODAY!

Online ordering is available until JUNE 30th. No late ordering is available. Mark your calendars!

We are offering you online purchasing of supplies packs through 1st Day School Supplies.

How it works: Click the link below or go to and enter 78703, our school zip code. Choose Mathews Elementary and you will find your school supply list available per grade. (Please note that this is online ordering only.)

What you get: Hassle-free school supplies shopping in a click or two from home. The individual packs will be delivered to Mathews right before school starts, before Sneak a Peek in August!

What Mathews gets: Your purchase price includes a $5 donation to Mathews PTA to help support our school. This program is increasingly successful each year!

A few tips:

Remember to order for the grade your child will be attending next school year.

Kits are labeled boy and girl to request certain items such as Clorox wipes and ziploc bags that do not need to be purchased by each student. This has nothing to do with blue and pink colors of supplies. .

No extra packs will be ordered for sale in the Fall. Order now, or forever hold your peace!

School supplies will be shipped to the school and will be delivered to your child’s class prior to Sneak-a-Peek in August, the week before school starts.

Thank you!