Piano Lessons

pianoTake private piano lessons at school!

Thursday and Friday afternoons at Mathews Fun Club, from 2:45 to 6:15, during the school year.

All Ages   •   Fun Learning Techniques

Robyn Elzaurdia has taught piano for five years and has extensive experience playing music with children, including: piano, guitar, violin, and flute. She has worked with kids for 20 years and combines her childcare experience with her knowledge of piano and music theory to teach fun and challenging lessons. Robyn has a B.A. in Anthropology from U.T. and provides interesting lessons that give children a well-rounded musical experience melding conventional piano practice with creative improvisational learning. In addition, Robyn has been an after school caregiver for a Mathews student for the past six years.

Prices for individual lessons:

  • $20 for 30-minute lesson
  • $30 for 45-minute lesson
  • $40 for 60-minute lesson

At home lessons available as well, for a $5 to $10 travel fee, depending on the distance. (I can bring a keyboard.)

Please pay cash directly to Robyn at the beginning of each month when you pick up your child after school.

Please inform me of absences 48 hours in advance or you will have to pay (excluding illness or emergencies).

To sign up, Contact Robyn at: aidruazle@yahoo.com or call (512) 496-9725.