Prime Time Program Rules and Expectations

Mathews Great Expectations

1.  Be kind in words and actions.

2.  Be safe!  Do not harm yourself, others or school property.

3.  Follow adult instructions the first time.

4.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Prime Time After School Program Rules and Expectations

1.  All students staying after school for an activity (homework center or enrichment classes) should meet in the cafeteria to receive snacks. They are to stay in that area until the program begins at 3:00 pm. Cafeteria rules will be observed. No food or drinks are permitted to leave the cafeteria. Fun Club participants should check in with Fun Club and obtain permission to participate each day.

2.  The After School Program runs from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

3.  School halls and grounds are to remain clear after school.

At 3:00 PM, students still waiting to be picked up after school should wait in the office.

4.  At 4:00 PM, students will be brought to the south side playground (Rain plan: pick up in the gym). Fun Club participants will return to Fun Club. Walkers will be expected to leave the school grounds. Parents are asked to wait outside the playground gate near the cafeteria loading dock for pick up. We ask that you do not go to the library or classrooms to pick up – we do not feel comfortable asking volunteers to release students to adults.

Any students remaining will be asked to wait in the office to be picked up – if this is habitual, unfortunately the student will have to be withdrawn from Prime Time as our staff needs to be released from duty.

5.  The After School Program is a privilege. Excessive absenteeism will result in dismissal from the program. If your child has an afternoon conflict, though, please have them miss the entire class that day – it is distracting to the instructors to be interrupted during the hour of class. Children who misbehave will be removed and asked to sit on the benches outside the office for that day. They will then be withdrawn from the program.

Thanks for your cooperation and support.

Do you have questions about who does what?

  • Prime Time Coordinators – Rushing/Sullivan
  • Homework Center Coordinator – Ocasio
  • Ordering snacks – Sullivan/Bautista
  • Attendance – Sullivan/Volunteers
  • Record keeping (money, expenses, attendance) – Sullivan
  • Record keeping (of shelter participants ) – Rushing/Ramirez
  • Record keeping of volunteers – Rushing
  • Obtain volunteers for the homework center – Rushing
  • Obtain volunteers for enrichment classes – Rushing
  • Schedule, Registration, Publicity – Rushing/Sullivan
  • Monitor halls, Discipline, Pick Up Duty – Rushing/Sullivan/Ocasio
  • Communication with volunteers, students, parents, staff – Rushing/Sullivan
  • Obtain Homework Center and Enrichment Class materials – Ocasio/Sullivan
  • Put out Homework center supplies – Ocasio
  • If Ocasio, Rushing, or Sullivan is absent, another member of the team will cover for them.