Art with Ms Jennifer Guerin

The new Visual Arts program at Mathews Elementary is based on the principles and practices of the nationally recognized and research-backed “Teaching for Artistic Behavior” (also known as TAB or Choice-based) method of teaching. The idea is simple: Students are artists and the classroom is their studio. Children are offered real choices for responding to their own ideas and interests through the making of art. When given the chance to explore their own ideas, interests and passions, students often find greater meaning and relevance in their work. This concept supports multiple modes of learning to meet the diverse needs of all students here at Mathews.

Music with Mrs Amy Goode

Mathews students (K-5th) attend music class every third school day. Students sing, play games, participate in focused listening, play rhythm instruments and dance (DANCE!) to develop music appreciation and literacy. Besides regular music class, there are many other musical learning opportunities… The PreK-3rd grade students see presentations from the Austin Symphony Orchestra, third grade students attend a performance of The Nutcracker, fourth and fifth grade students play recorders as well as attend a performance by the Austin Symphony Orchestra, third – sixth grade classes experience a jazz performance each year presented by the Austin Jazz Workshop, third – sixth grade students can participate in the Mathews Choir, and our sixth grade students participate in either band or orchestra. Mathews students are musicians!

Our band director is Glen Weideman glen.weideman@austinisd.org.

Our orchestra director is Austin Leach austin.leach@austinisd.org

P.E. with Coach Steven Outlaw
Mathews Physical Education program strives to insure that every student understands the value of daily exercising. We use skills that align with the districts expectations and incorporate them in to games and activities that foster teamwork, cooperation, community and wellness. Our classes are designed so that every child can succeed and feel confident about their progress.