January PTA Board Meeting Minutes

PTA Board Meeting Mathews Elementary School
Jan. 12, 2009


Tony Estrada, President
Elizabeth Breston, Vice President
Amy Kinkade, Principal
Callie Bailey, Secretary
Marcia Tugendhat, Treasurer
Jennifer Cray, Teacher Representative
Greg (for Lacey Strake), Communications Chair
Diana L McMillian, Staff Representative
Ruthann Rushing, Staff Representative
Johanna Duncan, Building and Grounds Chair
Paola Ferate,  Hispanic Heritage Month


1.     The meeting was called to order at 8:00 am.

2.     It was agreed to adjourn the meeting at 9:00am.

3.     Minutes of the Nov. 17 meeting were approved

4.     Report of Officers

a.     Treasurers Report

i.      Marcia Tugendhat passed out a detailed and updated budget.

1.     The Octoberama final net was 17,511.03.

a.     Octoberama was over budget by around 2,000, but Marcia pointed out that the budget had never really been detailed and finalized in the past. The budget numbers used this year were probably inaccurate and didn’t reflect the real cost as committee chairs would often pay for things with their personal money. Next year each chair will get an anticipated budget with line items and return it to the board.

ii.     Diana McMillian brought a concern from the teachers and staff regarding the continuance of an annual holiday check from the PTA to reimburse staff for personal spending they make throughout the year.

1.     The board wanted to clarify that it still wants to use the funding to support teachers and are looking at further ways to fund specific classroom, equipment, and school-wide resources.

2.     Classroom resources are currently supported by the PTA and still available for the year; Amy will follow up in a staff meeting to make sure teachers are aware of the procedures to make use of that funding.

iii.   A revised budget needs to be completed to take into account funding the part-time technology teacher.

b.     Presidents report

i.      PTA Texas Day is Feb. 26th at the Capitol to discuss PTA concerns with legislators.

c.     Membership report

i.      There’s 179 members with 100% PTA participation from the teachers

5.     Committee Reports

a.     AIM Grants

i.      The grants have been awarded and Yvette sent out a blurb with descriptions of the projects.  All the projects can proceed at this point.

b.     Fundraising

i.      Mangia pizza is a great resource for fundraising and have a community outreach person.  The Mangia Pizza 4th grade fundraiser was very successful and Mangia was supportive and easy to work with. Elizabeth Breston said that the Mathews community came together and pitched in across many grade levels to make the fundraiser a success.

ii.     Elizabeth said she’d like to ramp up fundraising by trying to find larger fundraising programs.  She mentioned that some other schools in the vertical team use a system called school pay that makes processes online donations, paying for field trips, school lunches, grocery cards, etc.  The system accommodates checks, bank drafts, and credit cards.  Elizabeth will also share the information with Mathews Fund for Excellence.

iii.   The part time technology position was privately funded last year through some emergency fundraising and needs to be annualized somehow. 

1.     The grocery card program could be a key part of the  annual fundraising structure to support the position.

2.     Marcia said a part-time volunteer to assist the treasurer with the grocery card program is needed.

3.     A grant could also be primary for funding the position from year to year.  Elizabeth and Callie will follow up with some foundations and Christina Mauro.

4.     Funding from the district should also be pursued. Currently the district doesn’t pay for technology positions. Tony will follow up with the Austin High vertical team. 

5.     Satellite distribution of the grocery cards monthly could be helpful, especially at Brackenridge.

c.     Reflections

i.      Submissions from the school went and we are waiting to hear back.

6.     New Business

a.     Tony moved that the board approve funding the part time technology position for the 2009/10 school year.

i.      Motion seconded and approved.

b.     Teacher salaries was tabled until next months meeting

c.     Documentation of the first semester PTA efforts should be sent out / put on the website.

7.     Next meeting is Feb. 2

8.     Meeting adjourned at 9:15.