November PTA Board Meeting Minutes

PTA Board Meeting Mathews Elementary School
Nov. 17, 2008


Tony Estrada, President
Elizabeth Breston, Vice President
Amy Kinkade, Principal
Callie Bailey, Secretary
Marcia Tugendhat, Treasurer
Jennifer Cray, Teacher Representative
Youjin Kim, Asian Heritage Month
Diana L McMillian, Staff Representative
Ruthann Rushing, Staff Representative
Johanna Duncan, Building and Grounds Chair


1.     The meeting was called to order at 8:10

2.     It was agreed to adjourn the meeting at 9:15

3.     Minutes of the Oct 06 meeting were approved

4.     Report of Officers

a.     Presidents Report

i.      Sound system is installed and the lights will be put up by Thursday, still need a switch circuit for the speakers.  A cabinet is needed to secure the new equipment; Couch Outlaw has volunteered.

b.     Membership Report

i.      The current membership is 173, the goal is 194.   There was a higher number reported last time but Julie has since discovered some duplications.

ii.     Instead of printing up membership cards it was agreed to send out a note with the Wed. folder detailing the website and access information.

iii.   Ruthann suggested sending out another email to make sure all board members have joined.  It was agreed that the PTA will accept members all year rather than cutting it off  at the beginning of the year.

c.     Treasurers Report

i.      Marcia passed out a detailed and updated budget.

1.     The Octoberama net was around 17,650.  The total won’t be exact for a few weeks as things are being processed; such as transaction charges etc.

2.     Tickets sold well; expenses were up a little from last year, but some items purchased can be used again in following years.

3.     Grade level fundraising had been successful:

a.     The 3rd grade bake sale was successful.

b.     The fourth grade Mangia pizza sales are underway.

c.     Any grade level is encouraged to use the PTA as a holding account for their fundraising.  The money raised follow the students from grade to grade.  For example, if third grade raises an excess that money will go with them to fourth grade.

4.     HEB card project doing very well, last month we (Mathews and it’s partner schools in the project) were only 4,000 away from receiving a 5% return on money spent.  The automatic debit each month seems to be working.

5.     We need to reach 70,000 spent at HEB monthly with our partner schools to get
the five percent return.

6.     Amy said cards should be in for this month before Thanksgiving.

7.     There were no expenses this year for Track and Field day

8.     The directory was completely paid for by sponsors, with and additional $300 raised.  A $200 donation was solicited from Fresh Plus for the directory but was redirected into silent auction proceeds.

ii.     Marcia brought it to the attention of the Board that right now the PTA account is earning 0% interest.  She suggested that the Board consider opening a low interest CD or savings account for the carryover from year to year so that money can be earning interest.

1.     It was moved that Marcia investigate putting $5,000 into a interest earning 1-3 month CD.

2.     The motion was seconded and approved.

d.     Principals Report

i.      There will be temporary stage lighting for the school musical.

ii.     The windows are replaced upstairs, still waiting for screens and solar shades to be installed.

iii.   The elevator won’t be completed by Dec. 1st goal, but the outside face is going up now.

iv.   The roofing contractor will be asked to send Mathews a check for the plants lost over the summer. Ruthann suggested that labor for installation should be included.

v.     The new speaker system is working great.

vi.   Ventilation on the stage is not adequate; a few fans are needed to keep the air moving.

5.     Committee Reports

a.     Octoberama Report

i.      Emily reported the event went very smoothly and both parents and kids seemed pleased and entertained.  She suggested that Octoberama and the Silent Auction be separate and that more people be devoted strictly to the auction; with perhaps a separate silent auction committee.

ii.     The layout worked well.  Some of the booths were put in the front playground with the idea that it would increase the activities’ street presence.

iii.   The new playground cover was perfect for the bands to set up under and provided shade for the tables and seating.

iv.   The kids loved Guitar Hero, and Grande Communications was very generous.  Next year she suggested to not do a contest with Guitar Hero, but to let the kids play whatever they wanted since there was such a range of levels.

v.     Emily will put together a letter for the Wed. folder acknowledging this year’s Donors.

vi.   Another suggestion was to get rid of karaoke, but to expand the cakewalk and move it to the cafeteria.

vii.  Signage could be improved next year, with a map posted in the front.  New signs are needed for tickets and booths as well.

viii. There were 132 Mathews’ volunteers that donated over 210 hours, and 137 community volunteers that donated 330 hours.

b.     AIM Grants

i.      4 out of 5 AIM grants have been awarded.  Elizabeth will write up a piece about the recipients and their projects.

c.     Building and Grounds Workday-

i.      The workday was a success with over 70 volunteers from UT and Mathew’s families and friends.

ii.     Lots of General Cleanup was completed: the storage shed and theater storage areas were thoroughly cleaned up and reorganized, Gravel was cleaned up and redistributed, etc.

iii.   Follow up items for next work day:

1.     The Front playground needs further barriers to keep the gravel in place.

2.     Amy mentioned that she’d like the interior of the playhouse painted.

3.     The radios were very helpful, possibly increase the number available and have vests available to delineate coordinators.

4.     Break it up into two shifts, one from 9-11 and another from 11-1pm.

5.     Elizabeth suggested that one volunteer could look after kids that come with their parents.

6.     Elizabeth also suggested that the event could be used in tandem with a fundraising activity – like decorating the bird baths that were sold at the silent auction this year.

d.     Fundraising

i.      Marcia asked if there was a planning process for the Special Projects needs. Amy responded that she meets with Gary Mauro to determine the next years priorities.

ii.     Box Tops for Education has already earned more this year than last, with  $240 earned in just the first of two submissions.

iii.   Need to follow up with the Upromise launch.

iv.   The Teacher’s wish-list is done and will be available soon.

6.     New Business

a.     Transferring funds to interest bearing CD *(taken out of order, see treasurer’s report).

b.     Parent Education/ Workshop class

i.      Possibly offer training be grade level about how math is taught in that grade.

ii.     Other classes might be offered like Parent University- dealing with more general parenting topics like internet use or parenting strategies.

iii.   Tony will follow up with Amy regarding possibly scheduling something on Math night.

c.     Teacher Luncheon and Appreciation.

i.      Marcia volunteered to help with coordinating the food.

ii.     Tony will look into what checks were given to staff and teachers last year.

iii.   A parent volunteer is still needed to coordinate the luncheon.

iv.   The luncheon is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 17th.

d.     Excellence in Education Nominations

i.      Jennifer Cray is the Rising Star in Education Nominee

ii.     Amy Kincaid will be nominated for the Principals award

iii.   A request for documentation and anecdotes from parents, students, and fellow teachers to support the nominations will be sent out via email or the Mathews discussion group.

e.     Brackenridge Tract

i.      Ruthann mentioned that the Brackenridge Tract charette had taken place and further information should be released about the development program for the land in the spring.

7.     Next meeting date Jan. 12, 2009

8.     Meeting adjourned.