October PTA Board Meeting Minutes

PTA Board Meeting
Mathews Elementary School
Oct. 06, 2008

Tony Estrada, President
Elizabeth Breston, Vice President
Amy Kinkade, Principal
Callie Bailey, Secretary
Marcia Tugendhat, Treasurer
Jennifer Cray, Teacher Representative
Tim Tierney, Fundraising
Yvette Alvarado, Chair, Academic Affairs and Enrichment
Lacey Strake, Communications
Paola Ferate-Soto, Academic Affairs and Enrichment
Cristina Mauro, Fundraising
Diana L McMillian, Staff Representative
Ruthann Rushing, Staff Representative
Johanna Duncan, Building and Grounds Chair

1. The meeting was called to order at 8:05.

2. It was agreed to adjourn the meeting at 9:00

3. Minutes of the Sept 08 meeting were approved

4. Report of Officers

a. Membership (taken out of Agenda order)

i. Julie Levy wasn’t present- but Marcia Tugendhat said that a little over 100 people have joined so far this year and about $660 has been collected in dues. There were 176 members last year and Julie set the goal at 10% higher for this year.

ii. Membership is due in a week to the state, but it was agreed to continue a membership drive all year long.

iii. A membership notice will be put in the wed folder, and a table set up at literacy night and track and field day.

b. Ruthann Rushing mentioned that the Primetime program might have to cancel some classes because there are currently not enough volunteers. Each class needs 2 parents. Right now only 7 out of 18 classes that have enough parents. Elizabeth Breston will take the list of classes and call parents to try and recruit volunteers.

5. New Business (taken out of order)

a. The 6th grade Car Wash fundraiser on Oct. 4 from 9-3 pm was a successful PTA event for the 6th grade fund

b. Election Day Bake sale- Tony suggested to the Board that the PTA hold another bake sale like we’ve in the past on election day- Nov. 8, 2008.

i. 3rd and 4th grades are interested in running the bake sale this year.

ii. Tony listed some things that have come up in the past:
It must be clear that the sale is not sponsored by any political figure, it can’t be within 100′ of the polling place, and nothing from the sale can be sold to Mathews kids during school hours.

iii. Jenifer Cray said she has a volunteer ready to organize the sale, but would like some members of the PTA who helped with the last sale to go over what they did previously with her.

iv. Tony said that in previous years they needed about 2 parents to sit at the table per hour, and got donations from parents and businesses. Pizza was also a hit in the afternoon.

v. The third graders will take the morning shift, the 4th graders will cover the afternoon shift.

vi. The bake sale should also be announced in the PTA flier to be sent out in the next Wed. folder

c. Tax Free Days:

i. It was moved that Octoberama (Nov. 1) is one of the two designated tax free days

ii. The second tax free day is to be determined at a later date

iii. There was agreement

d. Reflections program- Ruthann moved that Mathews participate in the PTA reflections program this year, an art competition at the state and national level. There was agreement and Ruthann will get the information together and send it home to parents.

6. Unfinished Business

a. Budget updates: Marcia Tugendhat passed out the proposed PTA Budget for the year.

i. Marcia talked to the Casis treasurer, and reported that Casis only gives money to their endowment if they have a surplus.

ii. Marcia stated that she was not comfortable with the current proposal of only a 5,000 surplus carryover for next year.

iii. Amy Kincaid suggested that a 2,000 donation from the Special Projects fund be applied to the Sound System line item since the maps and globes cost less than originally anticipated

iv. Ruthann moved that the Budget be adopted, with the suggestions that the Board

1. Wait until the end of the year to determine the amount that the MFE receives so that an appropriate carryover amount for next year can be determined and funded

2. That the Board try to find sponsors for visiting Authors

3. That 2,000 be transferred from Special Supports to help fund the Sound System.

4. Motion approved.

5. The revised budget will be up for approval by the general membership at Family Literacy Night. Marcia will try to send it out before the meeting for review.

v. Tony Estrada updated the Board on the new sound system. The initial price for the system was quoted at $5,400, including speakers, a 16 channel mixer, and wireless mics. Tony will look into pricing a smaller mixer and seeing if wireless mics can be purchased at a reduced price through AISD.

vi. Amy is investigating permanent spotlights that can be remotely operated.

7. Announcements:

a. PTA Texas day is on Feb 26th, 2009 at the Capitol

b. The 100th anniversary convention will be held Feb 27th- March 1, 2009

c. The Centennial Celebration will be held at the State Fair on Oct.18th in Dallas

d. Mock Election- Amy Kincaid stated that Mathews will not be holding a mock election, but will be doing some other things to educate the kids about the election process and civic involvement including: having the kids dress in red/white/blue, singing some patriotic songs in assembly, and showcasing the bluebonnet books election, among other things.

8. Principals report (taken out of agenda order)

a. Proposition 1 affecting the AISD will be on the ballot Nov. 4. Proposition 1 would increase the tax rate by 3.9 cents per $100 property valuation, and support a 3% pay increase for AISD teachers.

b. Amy will be receiving a wishlist from teachers for the Gold Star Registry- then parents can go online and see what supplies teachers need.

c. Construction update: Crews are still working on the roof and have not been able to eliminate all the leaks. The elevator shaft won’t be complete until after Jan 1st. All construction materials and debris will be removed to another location before Octoberama. The kitchen is still having some problems with the grease trap and no air conditioning. Plants that were killed from lack of water over the summer are to be replaced by the contractor.

d. Mathews is starting a new program for girls empowerment in the 5th and 6th grades. There will be three associated events- 2 at the school and one at the Ann Richards School. Amy will release the schedule to the teachers when she receives it.

e. Mathews hired a new 4th grade teacher and is still pretty full in the 4th grade. Mathews will probably be frozen to transfers again next year.

f. It was moved to extend the meeting until the agenda items were covered, motion approved.

9. Announcements continued:

a. Yvette Alvarado reported that 4 Aim grants have been received so far but that the deadline isn’t until Oct. 15th. Grants will be announced by the end of Oct.

b. Ruthann mentioned that there was one un-funded grant carried over in the budget from last year.

c. Elizabeth suggested that the grant projects be publicized after completion around the school.

d. Literacy Night is on Oct. 23rd, plans are in place for the 3rd graders to run the pizza sale. Johanna Duncan volunteered to help.

e. Track and Field Day- still need parent volunteers, particularly for the morning. There should be an announcement in the flier reminding kindergarten and 6th grade parents to bring a snack for 24 kids and label donations Track and Field to be brought to the office.

f. Octoberama: Elizabeth reported that things seem to be going well, and that homeroom parents will be sending out reminders regarding donations and volunteers.

g. UPromise is set up for Mathews-it’s a college savings/school support program. Members register their credit cards through UPromise and purchases made at participating businesses will earn rebates. Participants designate if they want their earnings to go to a college fund or to support a specific school (or a combination of both).. Amy moved that the program kick off be postponed until November. Motion seconded.

h. The Student Directory has several local business sponsors and will be out soon. The online version can be found and downloaded here: Student Directory

10. The next meeting date will be Nov. 3rd at 8am

11. Meeting adjourned