September PTA Board Meeting Minutes

PTA Board Meeting
Mathews Elementary School
Sept 8, 2008


Tony Estrada, President
Elizabeth Breston, Vice President
Amy Kinkade, Principal
Callie Bailey, Secretary
Jennifer Cray, Teacher Representative
Julie Levy, Membership
Yvette Alvarado, Chair,  Academic Affairs and Enrichment
Greg Strake (for Lacey Strake), Communications
Paola Ferate-Soto,  Academic Affairs and Enrichment
Cristina Mauro, Fundraising
Youjin Kim, Academic Affairs and Enrichment
Diana L McMillian, Staff Representative
Ruthann Rushing, Staff Representative
Beth Savercool, Hospitality


1. The meeting was called to order at 8:05.

2. It was agreed to adjourn the meeting at 9:00

3. Minutes of the August 05 meeting were approved

4. Report of Officers

a. Treasurers report

i. Marcia Tugendhat (Treasurer) provided documentation of the budget for the year

ii. UPDATE: Regarding the special supports for projects Marcia clarified the following items: The special project was initiated by during the summer. Two of the items have been completed: hiring a part time technology person, and ordering maps and globes for classrooms. The third project (buying new computers for classrooms) is still waiting to be fully funded.

iii. The amount reflected in PTA dues may be incorrect. The state and local portion is one-half of the $6 PTA collects ($3 versus the $1.50 reflected in report).

iv. The Singapore Math training amount could be reduced this year because another campus has expressed interest in sharing the expense with Mathews.

v. Due to fundraising questions arising from budget discussion, Tony Estrada asked for a motion to suspend the agenda and have the HEB card presentation at this point. Motion made and seconded.

b. HEB Card presentation [taken out of agenda order]

i. If Mathews wants to participate this year a decision needs to be made by 10/15/08.

ii. The program requires a monthly rather than one time commitment

iii. Mathews could partner up with Highland Park

iv. Ruthann Rushing recommended that we also keep Whole Foods, Fresh Plus, and Central Market, and Randalls in mind for the future.

v. Elizabeth motioned to approve selling HEB cards, motion approved

vi. Amy Kincaid asked for clarification if there was a minimum of cards, the details on unsubscribing, and suggested using an example that used a smaller monthly purchase rather than $600 of how to use (Elizabeth will respond). Concerned example implied you had to buy $600 worth of cards per month.

vii. UPDATE: The HEB program will encourage monthly participation but individual cards will be sold at school events.

c. Presidents report

i. Tony Estrada reminded the board that they need to attend one of the leadership training sessions- If attending the session on 9/13 at Allen Elementary need to RSVP by 9/10. If attending the session on 9/27 need to RSVP by 9/20. Tony must be contacted to make reservations.

ii. Austin Council meeting on 9/12 from 12-1, Julie will attend on behalf of Mathews PTA if possible.

iii. There will be Public meetings for public input on the hiring of a new superintendent on 9/23 through 9/25. Tony has flyers in English and Spanish for distribution.

iv. One more member is still needed for the audit committee

v. New sound system contact may come in this week- Amy needs to be contacted before they come so that AISD staff can be there.

d. Membership report

i. Julie Levy proposed setting the goal 10% higher than last year.

ii. 43 members are currently registered for 2008/9, there were 120-130 last year

iii. Julie will include a write-up in the newsletter and will promote membership at all PTA events.

iv. Julie stated that many parents have been generous and donated beyond membership dues so far this year.

e. Tony moved that the meeting be extended 15 min, no objections

f. Principals report

i. Amy Kincaid reported that Mathews was very full this year, particularly in Kindergarten and 4th grade.

ii. Amy suggested that childcare at school events be one of the perks of PTA membership

iii. Remodeling coming along. Hot meals served this week. Windows to be installed in three classrooms by November.

5. Committee reports

a. Track and Field

i. Elizabeth said things are “on track” and going smoothly.

b. AIM grants

i. Yvette Alvarado has received 2 AIM grants and needs one other person to help review. Applicants will be notified by the end of October. Oct. 15th is the deadline for receiving proposals.

c. Octoberama- No report

d. Building and Grounds

i. Currently clean-up and workday is scheduled for Oct. 4,

ii. Ruthann motioned to reschedule for Nov. 15th, motion approved

7. Unfinished Business

a. Back to School night

i. Amy Kincaid reported that Back to School went well, and will leave the schedule the same for this Thursdays K-2 night.

b. Tony motioned that review of objectives and budget approval be tabled until further notice, motion approved

8. New Business

a. Brackenridge Tract

i. Ruthann Rushing stated that the West Austin Neighborhood group is seeking our approval of a position paper bringing together stakeholders including MUNY, West Austin Youth Association, and others

ii. Amy Kincaid stated that Mathews stands to lose around 189 students if the tract is developed and does not include UT Graduate Married student Housing.

iii. Callie Bailey will forward the position paper to the PTA Committees and Chairs for approval and comments before Fri. 9/12

iv. UPDATE: The Campus Advisory Council will also be reviewing the Brackenridge proposals, David McGregor will attend

b. Upcoming PTA meeting – presentation topic – tabled

9. Next meeting will be Oct. 6 in the Mathews Library at 8 am.

10. Meeting adjourned.