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What is Mathews Fun Club? MFC is an entirely self-supported, campus-based after school child care program at Mathews Elementary. We strive to provide a caring and nurturing program of supervised enrichment and recreational activities for Mathews students, Pre-K through 6th grade, from 2:57pm to 6:00pm each school day. On our two staff development/parent-teacher conference days, child care is available from 7:30am to 5:00pm.

The afternoon starts with a light snack followed by activities including, but not limited to, homework, arts and craft, free play, non-competitive sports, and computer time.


  • Registration: $100.00

  • Monthly Tuition: $250.00

    • Sibling discounts available.​

    • Scholarships are available on a limited basis and awarded case-by-case. Please contact the program director, Mary Sullivan, for consideration.

MFC maintains a full program. To get on the waitlist, please email Ms. Sullivan with your child's name and grade level.

Drop-in care may be available for irregular or emergency care. Prior arrangements are required. Please contact Ms. Sullivan to schedule your drop-in visit.


Mary Sullivan, Director

(512) 414-0907


1110 Barton Springs Rd.
Austin, TX 78704

(512) 974-4040

3811 East 12th St.
Austin, TX 78721

(512) 974-2430

3310 Red River St.
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 317-6408

  • Resident: $230/month*

    • With financial aid:​ $115**

  • Non-resident: $280/month

  • Transportation from campus included.

  • Must pick up by 6:00pm.

  • Resident: $120​*

    • With financial aid: ​$60**

  • Non-resident: $200

  • Transportation from campus included if a bare minimum of 8 kids register.

  • Must pick up by 6:00pm.

  • Registration: $75/child

  • Tuition: $300/month

  • Transportation from campus included.

  • Must pick up by 6:00pm.

    • Additional $50/month for care until 6:30pm.

* "Resident" refers to anyone whose physical address is within Austin City zip codes.

** Financial aid is only applicable to Austin City residents. To apply, please fill out the FRONT part of the financial aid form below (page 3 ) AND:

  • Provide a letter from the school/district indicating that your child receives free/reduced lunch, OR

  • Fill out the BACK part of the financial aid form (page 4) with your income information and any proof of eligibility for the program if it were offered (ex: letter indicating that you receive Federal Food Assistance, such as SNAP).

Full-time City of Austin employees who meet the income requirements can apply during open enrollment for the City of Austin Childcare Assistance Program. Depending on income, this program may cover up to 100% of the program costs at Givens Recreation Center and possibly Dougherty Arts Center. Call the Employee Benefits Division at (512) 974-3284 for more information. 

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