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Why Donate?

It's time to rally behind the Mathews Elementary PTA and the #MathewsForever Fundraiser. We need your help to make sure our school has the resources it needs to provide an excellent education for all of our students.


Your donations will help the PTA fund needs identified and prioritized by Principal Brewster and our school administration. This includes acquiring keyboards, paper and math textbooks for our classrooms as well as providing funding for our building and grounds maintenance. 

We hope you will join us in supporting the #MathewsForever Fundraiser and help to continue our mission of educating generations of students in Austin. Together, we can ensure that our school remains a vital part of our community for another hundred years and beyond. 


Thank you for your consideration!

Your Mathews Elementary PTA

How Are Funds Distributed?

Mathews does the best it can to make good use of the limited discretionary funds received from the district. The PTA helps to supplement these funds to make sure our main priorities - Staff, Community, & Curriculum Support; Funding Art, Music, & PE; School Supplies & Campus Upkeep - are taken care of. Let's make sure everyone in our school community has the resources they need to thrive!

100% of all donations will go directly towards funding the following areas:

Curriculum: Reading, writing and math books; Keyboard and Computer Literacy; Art Supplies, Music Supplies, and PE Supplies; Library Supplies... and PAPER!

Building / Grounds: Water and Air Filters; Facility and Campus Upkeep; Custodial and Maintenance 

Community Support: Grocery Gift Cards; School Supplies; Scholarships to After School programs for Families In Need


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Volunteer Your Time and Talent

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