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Please note: We currently have one full 4th grade lab. Please reach out to volunteer/open more labs in grades 3 - 6.

STEM Scouts is a co-ed program of Scouting America for grades 3 - 6. The focus of this program is to help boys and girls learn about various areas of science, technology, engineering, and math with hands-on projects, activities, and field trips. We engage young budding scientists and foster friendships and collaboration with creative learning experiences. Please check out for more info.

The program runs most of the year (26 weeks) and meets once a week (day to be determined by your STEM Scout Leader) for 90 minutes.

The program is divided into 6-week modules. Modules/topics cover a wide spectrum of STEM. A few examples are magnetism, archaeology, robotics, and coding (Makey Makey, Ozobots), bridge structures, urban ecology, community work, and so on. Topics rotate each year to keep students engaged.

Please note: Groups are capped at 10 students. Enrollment of your child is provisional until a parent volunteers to lead for the year. Tuition is $200/child for a school year and covers all materials and curricula. The concept is identical to any other cub/boy/girl scout troop; parent volunteers run the program and teach the curriculum provided by STEM Scouts.

For questions, email Manue Reynolds, STEM Scout Leader #1203.

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